COLOR:Black Cut Xquisite [678819]



POSITION:Front POSITION:Left, 11.8”,
・ Must use 6-piston Xtreme Machine or PM caliper

COLOR:Chrome [678820]

FLH 08-17
FLST 15-17
FLT 08-17
FXD 06-17
FXST 15-17

420 stainless steel, ground finish. Two-piece machined aluminum rotor. Xtreme machine rotors will not work with O.E.M. H-D(R) wheels or 99-earlier calipers. Machined to match the pattern of Xtreme Machine wheels for a complete custom look. Black Cut rotors are black-anodized centers with machine-cut, aluminum edges. Black Cut Xquisite rotors are black-anodized centers with machine-cut and polished aluminum edges.





Xtreme Machine エクストリームマシン ディスクローター クルーズブレーキローター 【Cruise Rotors】 COLOR:Chrome [678820] FLH FLST FLT FXD 06-17 FXST Brake-その他